Feestbeest kids was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands as a colourful and hip children's jewelry brand that has grown into a company that supplies various stores within Europe. We are often looking for the latest colours and trends and process this in our jewelry, so we continue to innovate in our range. Characteristics such as quality, sustainability, educational, practical, innovative, safety and colourful are highly regarded by us and we try to continue to develop in this.

Our entire collection is based on mixing and matching the different items. Everything fits together or can be put together. This makes every child his own Party!




Feestbeest has a very extensive collection for all types of points of sale that would like to sell our accessories. What we sell include; Party chains with matching numbers, basic necklaces with animal charms, sequin charms and rainbow. But sunglasses with cords, hats and bags can also be found in our range. Everything is conceived from a practical point of view with a festive and hip touch.




We are always looking for the educational value in our accessories that promoted the independence and imagination of the children. For example, we have the key cords that increase independence by allowing children to be responsible for their keys. The sunglasses cords have been created from a practical point of view because we have often noticed that children leave their (sun) glasses in school or at home, causing them to be damaged or lost.

The animal charms are made in such a way that they can be attached to all chains in our collection. But in addition, they are also easy to take off so that they can also play with the animals and let their imagination go.




We think it is important that your order is delivered to you on time and safely. That is why we have been working for years with a reliable transport partner PostNL.




Quality and safety is our priority, without losing sight of te hip appearance. This should include good quality animal-charms, and selling jewelry from 3 years and older. In addition, as a mother, i am a real expert who loves te try out the 'Feestbeest- kids' items with my children Fee and Mees




Feestbeest kids offers a personal and reliable customer service. We are available every day by mail or telephone and always try to respond to all your questions within 24 hours. By phone at +31628233105 or via Feestbeest_kids@outlook.com



ORDER COMFORTABLE online at www.feestbeest-kids-b2b.com, from your representative, by email or by phone.

No login details to our webshop yet? Send an email to Feestbeest_kids@outlook.com and we wil send you your personal username and password as soon as possible. 




We are pleased that our vision of mixing and matching is fully propagated when we purchase our jewelry. As a result, we work with a minimal purchase and starter package tat we already have put together for you. Of course you are also able to put your own package together. The minimum order amount is 200 euros. 





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